What's YOUR worth?
Written by Elijah Best on March 10th 2021
Elijah Best CEO and Founder of Vet Boss Entrepreneur Traveler
Okay, my goal for work today is to pump out 3 blog posts in less than an hour because I want to go buy some flowers with my wife, so if you don't mind I'd like to run it to you straight.

YOU want to travel relentlessly and build a 6-figure coaching business... Then...

This is the strategy for you...

It's the same strategy I used to earn roughly $10,000 a month in my consulting biz on the side while working full-time (10-12 hours a day) for a solar company... 

I had an automated lead gen system 

I had a sales rep who worked for me 

I had a team who delivered the product 

I just managed everything... At this time I was making $7,000 - $10,000 a month for the solar company that I was running sales for. So I made roughly $20,000 a month between my business and my job for multiple months by age 27 while living in my mom's basement before I moved out. 

This is why you can implement this and travel

I only put in about 3 hours a week into my business...

I was working so much at the solar company that I was too burnt out to do any more.

So if you want to travel relentlessly while building a coaching business do MEPS just focus on getting your lead gen process, sales process, product delivery, and self-discipline on point and the cards will unfold in your favor... I promise.

A coaching or consulting business that has unlimited leads, a lethal enrollment process, a transformational program with a humble owner backed by purpose... HAS to scale, it's just the laws of nature. 

Til the next time!  

Elijah Best 

Elijah Best helps veterans build and scale 6-figure coaching businesses.  He is an expert at helping them get clients using social media marketing and making things super simple to understand.
If you're interested in starting your own coaching business or scaling up and getting clients then definitely reach out and request a free business clarity call today.
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