Stop "Side-Hustle" Marketing 
Written by Elijah Best on March 10 2021
Elijah Best CEO and Founder of Vet Boss Colorado Springs
When it comes to social media marketing...

Blogs don't matter, what you ate for lunch doesn't matter, your inspirational post matters a little bit... keep doing that one.

But aren't you trying to put food on the table? Do you keep promising yourself or your spouse "this next paycheck invested into me is going to pay off"

If you're not here to make money or create change, then...

This DEFINITELY isn't the blog for you

If yes... Shall we talk about what matters now?

Good... What actually matters is that when people hear your VALUE MESSAGE they turn their necks so fast that (insert cool analogy)...

Is your messaging and offer trash?

Do you even know what a good message or a good offer is?

If no, you're probably not making 6-figures

If yes you're probably close to 6-figs or you're on your way to 7-figures.

It's that simple...

The only thing that matters in marketing is VALUE.

So go get your messaging down, create an offer that screams to your audience

If you don't have an audience yet... or don't know how to do any of these things... Don't worry we got you covered...

Check out our case study! 

Til the next time my friend! 

Elijah Best

Elijah Best helps veterans build and scale 6-figure coaching businesses. He is an expert at helping them get clients using social media marketing and making things super simple to understand.
If you're interested in starting your own coaching business or scaling up and getting clients then definitely reach out and request a business clarity call today.
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