About Elijah Best 
Elijah Best is an entrepreneur from Columbia, Maryland who transitioned out of the Air Force to start his first online consulting business and grew to $20,000 a month while working out of his parent's house. 

Elijah now lives in Colorado Springs, where he launched Vet Boss LLC. to help other transitioning veterans start an online coaching or consulting business around their true-life purpose, passions and skills they've learned in the military. He shows the veteran community how to make a profit by using organic social media marketing to grow their businesses. 

Elijah Best has personally coached multiple 7-figure companies on lead generation and sales and has been able to consistently prove ROI. He has also coached some of the fastest-growing companies in New York and Maryland and has helped them gain choke holds in their respective markets.

Vet Boss Elijah CEO & Founder of Vet Boss Bio
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